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You live in a large city, filled with busy streets, crowds of people, and never-ending traffic. You start dreaming of trees growing right outside your window, and singing birds… One fine day, you received a letter from an unknown sender. “Hello, my name is Austin. I’m your great uncle’s butler. You have inherited his beautiful mansion and a lovely garden. Come see the place. I’m sure you’ll love it!” And the rest is history. You became the owner of the mansion and a big garden. Read more about your best companion in Gardenscapes, all about Austin, right here at our fansite. 


Upon entering the mansion, you are welcomed by Austin, your very own personal butler. Austin is the protagonist of both Gardenscapes and its sequel Homescapes. He is kind and very loyal, yet he’s also a mysterious person. Austin is always by your side giving you the right advice in a timely manner. He gives clear step-by-step guides on how to go along renovating the garden in Gardenscapes. At every game level, he is always there giving you praises that you have done a great job getting those stars. Austin seems to be very busy from the way he walks all around the garden the whole day. We wonder does he even get to have a break and go on vacation.


Austin and Homescapes

We finally get to see Austin take a break when he visited his childhood home in Homescapes, the sequel of Gardenscapes. He traveled to his childhood home via a plane which means the setting of Gardenscapes and Homescapes are in different countries. When he arrived, Austin got a shock when he sees his childhood home badly damaged. He starts by replacing the carpet. When his parents got home, they were shocked that they saw Austin. Another story unravels. Interested to know what goes on in Homescapes? Check it out here!


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Austin’s Pets

Austin has a pet dog, which will be named by you in Gardenscapes. See the interaction between Austin and his pet dog in Gardenscapes! Decorate your garden and give his dog a nice place to hang out. Austin used to have a turtle but it was revealed that Austin’s parents eventually sent the turtle to the zoo due to unknown reasons. He also has a pet parrot named Captain Flint who joined him in his stories in Homescapes. 


Austin’s Friend: Katherine

Katherine is the friend of Austin. They have been friends since they were high school. Making a slight appearance in Gardenscapes, we got to interact more with Katherine in Homescapes. In Homescapes, Katherine found a cat on the street and brought it to Austin, thinking the cat was his. Even though Austin explained that the cat is not his, he still kindly took care of the cat and even prepared a special corner for the cat in his mansion in Homescapes. This reaffirmed Austin’s kind and caring nature.


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Austin’s Parents

Olivia is the mother of Austin. In Gardenscapes, similar to William, Olivia plays a minor in the storyline. However in Homescapes, along with William, she became a major character. Check out Homescapes as well to see the interaction between Austin and his parents.


Austin’s Neighbours

Marie Loomburg is the council chairman in Gardenscapes. She gives Austin a letter with some money in it and says that the garden is one of the most beautiful spots in town.


Robbie Wood is the carpenter and friend of Austin. He fixes things and followed in his father’s footsteps to become a carpenter. In Gardenscapes he is first seen answering Austin’s call. Robbie Wood was then asked to remodel the treehouse in the garden at the cost of 1 star.


Want to know more about Austin? Download Gardenscapes on PC and play the story yourself! Let Austin share his life stories with you and have a great mansion makeover adventure with him! You can also head over to get more tips and tricks on how to ace Gardenscapes levels!

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