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Gardenscapes: New Acres is a highly popular Match-3 game from Playrix. But Gardenscapes is not your typical match-3 game. Gardenscapes allows you to be able to customize your very own virtual garden! Fancy being able to make all the decisions by yourself! With the assistance of your loyal butler, Austin, embark on this exciting journey of a wonderful garden makeover! Here at Gardenscapes, we are committed to give you the best cover of the latest happenings of the game. Read more below to see what we have in-stored for our readers.


Gardenscapes: New Acres Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Our Gardenscapes game guides will empower you to ace the two sides of this magnificent preoccupation so you have the adequate vitality to stop and take in the wonderful mood you planted. Gardenscapes: New Acres parts its garden-incorporating recreation with numerous little assignments spread over various days. As you finish errands, the rating bar for the present day will top off. When you finish the last errand for that day, you’ll achieve 100%, get a reward, and have the capacity to begin the following day. Beginning another day totally refills your vitality meter (up to the maximum of five lives), so it’s best to endure until you’re out of lives to proceed onward to the following day. You can set the stars collected aside for as long as you’d like.


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Keeping in mind the end goal to finish cultivate undertakings like introducing seats, settling the treehouse, and so forth., you’ll have to spend stars. Stars are just earned by finishing the match-3 levels—one star for each finished level. Despite the fact that you can spend stars when you get them since you’ll generally have an errand on deck, you can likewise spare them up and finish a great deal of assignments all consecutively for a speedier feeling of advance. Learn more game tips and tricks from us here!


Not forgetting about cheats and hacks, we uncover the ways on how to get unlimited coins and stars in Gardenscapes, right here at our fansite. But with every mod apk or cheat code generator introduced, it comes at a certain level of risk. Hence, only try them at your own risks.


Clearing each level in Gardenscapes

Gnomes move around the match-3 levels. In the event that you fall flat a match-3 level that expects you to reveal the gnomes covered up in the grass, whenever you replay the level, the gnomes won’t really be in a similar area. There is quite often that there is more grass than there are genomes, and the genomes can conceivably be found under any area of the grass. So don’t put every one of your endeavors into clearing an indistinguishable grass from last time—uncover the gnomes first by clearing key areas of the load up to make sense of where they’ve gone to. Learn about some of the tips and strategies to clearing those tricky Gardenscapes levels here!


Gardenscapes Updates

As super fans of Gardenscapes, we gather that our readers are also interested in the latest happenings in Gardenscapes as well! Thus, we have prepared this small section to feature the latest Gardenscapes updates. Learn about the newest obstacles, analysis of the newly released levels,


Cannot seem to find the information you want on our main page? Fret not as we have meticulously prepared a whole bank of Frequently Asked Questions over at our Knowledge Base section. Get all your burning questions answered!


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