All You Need to Know About Gardenscapes

An old garden in a grand mansion has been unweeded and untended for far too long. As the new owner of the estate, it’s in your hands now to rehabilitate this rundown land. Decorations and rich soil lying beneath the weeds, bushes, and ferns that cover the entire garden. You just have to conquer puzzle levels to uncover each of them.

Get those green thumbs ready and join Austin as he renovates and redesigns a sprawling family garden. Experience this amazing game with hundreds of unique match-three levels and slowly restore every corner of the garden to its former glory! Aside from the main objective, there are also tons of mini-games you can play to relax from the rather challenging and competitive main levels of the game.

In addition, you will meet more of Austin’s friends and family as you play and unlock more areas of the garden. These new characters can spice up the storyline and even offer to help you acquire more rewards through random tasks and objectives. And of course, you will have a pet that is ready to cheer you up throughout the game!

Gardenscapes Garden

While the first few levels of Gardenscapes are pretty fast and easy to conquer, you must know that the levels also get very difficult to solve and accomplish as you go higher. So if you need help, say no more! This is your one-stop dedicated fansite for Gardenscapes that can help you out in every situation.

We got free strategy, guides, or tips and tricks to help you beat each level and progress faster in the game! Just check out our knowledge base for more info. And if you haven’t got Gardenscapes on PC yet, just head down to our download page to get it for free!