Gardenscapes Guide | Tips, Tricks, Strategies, Gardenscapes Levels

Gardenscapes is a popular Match-3 game with an extra simulation element. Work together with Austin and complete all the Gardenscapes levels! Gather all the stars and build your magnificent virtual garden!


Examples of some game objectives in the Gardenscapes levels:

  • Gather a certain number of game pieces
  • Finding gnomes hidden under the grass patches
  • Bringing lemonades down to the bottom of the game board


Tips, Tricks, and Strategies 

Know which game pieces are required to complete the objectives of the level. Focus on collecting the necessary pieces. Carefully utilize the Rainbow Blast power-up to collect those required pieces. For example, if the objective of a particular level is to collect 50 pieces of pears, aim to move a pear piece next to the Rainbow Blast power-up. And swap their places of the pear and the power-up next to it, all the pears on the game board will be removed.


Image result for Gardenscapes Rainbow Blast power-up


Next, attempt to create as many Bombs and Dynamite power-ups as possible to trigger the bigger explosions. This way, you will be able to clear a larger area of the puzzle area. In some levels, there are gnomes buried underneath the grass patches of the puzzle area. Remove the grass patches by clearing the pieces on top of the square to reveal the hidden gnomes. Explosives power-ups such as firecrackers, dynamites and bombs are helpful in clearing the larger surface areas.


Here are some of the key Gardenscapes levels that we have specially picked for our readers. Keep a lookout for more updates as we cover more challenging levels in Gardenscapes.


Level 25

This is one of the hardest levels for the people that are starting to play this since it is the first actual challenge that you will face. To solve this Gardenscapes level, you have to eliminate all the crates first to have some space. Next, start clearing the chains in the whole field not only on the sides and create or free the Rainbow Blasts along the way. Use the Rainbow Blast power-up only after you’ve cleared the field completely. Collect all the gnomes but don’t forget about the ones hidden under the crates, unlock them after the normal ones.


Level 29

Since this level requires 6 lemonades but only 4 can show up in the field simultaneously, you need to focus on the middle part using the explosives power-ups and creating Rainbow Blast. This way you will be able to apply pressure on the sides and end up collecting all the 6 lemonades.


Level 65

This Gardenscapes level is a little bit harder than the previous ones as it focuses a lot on your skills. The easiest way to beat it is just clearing everything. Focus on clearing the field, then with good combos, you will be able to beat this level.


Level 75

There is a good strategy for this Gardenscapes level. Just focus on the charging the Rainbow Blast power-up and use it on the berries this will allow you get access to the acorns and be able to obtain them


Level 77

This is one of the toughest levels since you have to execute it perfectly. The strategy is to first clear the field, like how we have done it in all the previous levels. Next, focus on melting the ice and eliminate the acorns to exit from the ice. It is important to use the explosives power-ups whenever possible.


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