Updates: Gardenscapes Power Ups | Game Tips and Tricks, Levels Guide

Update: Gardenscapes Power Ups

Power-ups are essential in any game as they serve as a catalyst to help you pass all the game levels more smoothly. There goes the same for Gardenscapes power ups. If you get stuck at any Gardenscapes levels, power-ups are often your best bet, and probably your last resort.

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Make a firecracker by coordinating 4 of the same puzzle pieces in a row or column. Thereafter, you can swap it with an adjacent piece to trigger the firecracker power-up. The firecracker power-up blows everything inside a one-tile span on the same column and row that the firecracker was in, clearing the board in a T-shape. A simpler way to launch the firecracker power-up or any other power-ups will be to directly twofold tapping the power-up you want to utilize.



Match 5 similar puzzle pieces to make a Bomb power-up. Thereafter, swapping bomb with any piece or twofold tapping it will trigger a blast considerably greater than the one created by exploding a firecracker. It will expel pieces inside a 2-tile span. You can likewise coordinate pieces in a T-or L-shape to make a Bomb.



Matching 6 similar puzzle pieces will give you a Dynamite. Upon triggering, the dynamite power-up will remove the other pieces within the 3-tile radius.


TNT Barrel

Want to deliver a huge blast that clears half of the game board? What reason do you have not created those TNT barrels for massive destruction? Match at least 7 similar pieces to make a TNT barrel. Triggering this TNT Barrel power-up can help you finish your goals significantly faster. Be careful not to let it sit in the corners of the game board. It will be more effective to trigger the TNT barrel power-up when it is in the middle of the playing field.


Rainbow Blast

The Rainbow Blast charges each time any one of the power-ups above were triggered. Continue exploding dynamites, fireworks, bombs, and TNT barrels to completely charge it. Once the Rainbow Blast power-up is fully charged, it gets dropped on any random square inside the game board. Swap it with an adjacent piece and all the similar pieces on the game board will be removed instantly.


Try and experiment swapping all sorts of explosives together and make massive combos! For example, try swapping a Bomb with a firecracker or Dynamite with a TNT barrel and see how the pieces get cleared! Doing this will trigger a greater blast and will likewise charge the Rainbow Blast power-up even quicker.


About Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes was a standout amongst the most-played recreations on Facebook. What’s more, now with portable gaming on the ascent, Gardenscapes: New Acres is headed to wind up outstanding amongst other recreations on the application store. For those who are unaware, Gardenscapes is the first game which combined hidden object with simulation. Players get to redesign a garden, but before that, they will need to complete the hidden object puzzles through match-3 games in order to gain stars to unlock the story. Download Gardenscapes on your PC now and start playing!


Similarly, Playrix released another game of a similar genre, Homescapes. Instead of re-designing a garden, Homescapes requires players to redesign a mansion. Place new furniture around the house and make it look warm and cozy again.


All errands in Gardenscapes require players to invest at least 1 star to activate. Players can either keep playing the Match-3 levels to earn as many stars as possible or complete the garden revamping tasks every time they earn a star. The choice is yours. You should take advantage of explosives and attempt each trap in the book to win levels. Levels get increasingly hard to complete as there are more traps and variations to the gameplay. Hence players often lose many lives just to complete 1 single level. In such circumstances, you should reserve coins with the goal that at whatever point you are out of lives, you can spend them to recover every one of the 5. Find out how you can get more lives in Gardenscapes!