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How to get Unlimited Lives on Gardenscapes?

One of the most frustrating thing that can happen when playing Gardenscapes is to run out of lives. In this post, learn about one simple trick to getting unlimited lives…

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How to remove Honeycombs in Gardenscapes?

Honeycombs appear in certain levels in Gardenscapes and they can be annoying. Honeycombs produce honey that spread onto its adjacent tile, covering the puzzle piece under it. When left untouched,…

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Gardenscapes vs Homescapes, which is better?

Both Gardenscapes and Homescapes are released by the same game developer, Playrix. We will feel that Homescapes is an upgraded version of Gardenscapes. Although these 2 games are quite similar…

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How to clear the Acorns in Gardenscapes Level 75?

There are many different types of objectives that can appear in each Gardenscapes level. Acorns appeared in level 75 of Gardenscapes. And it proves to be quite a challenge for…

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How to beat Level 80 on Gardenscapes?

Gardenscapes is a match-3 puzzle game that is well-loved by people from all walks of life. Enjoy gardening fun within a match-3 game in Gardenscapes. Design your own garden, put benches…

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How do you use the Shovels in Gardenscapes?

Unleash your creative juices and design your own garden! Gardenscapes New Arces presents a modern match-3 puzzle game with a hidden twist. Fancy creating your very own virtual garden? Here’s your chance!…

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How to beat Level 93 on Gardenscapes?

Gardenscapes is an easy-to-play match-3 puzzle game with an additional twist. Join the friendly butler, Austin, as you embark on a new adventure in designing your virtual garden! Unlock the story in…

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How to beat level 318 on Gardenscapes?

Gardenscapes is an interactive match-3 game with an extra simulation element to satisfy the inner designer heart. With the help of the friendly butler, Austin, players get to decorate their own…

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How to get rid of Gardenscapes Mushrooms?

In the game Gardenscapes, the newest element has proven to be quite difficult to work around for many players. In addition to the colorful fruits and plants that make up…

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Where to find Gardenscapes Username?

Ever wondered where to find your Gardenscapes username? When you first started playing the Gardenscapes name, you are greeted by the friendly butler, Austin. He asks for your name when…

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