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Gardenscapes Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

As you progress in Gardenscapes, you will find that the levels get harder and more challenging. You’ll find yourself repeating some levels a dozen times without luck. You might even spend hundreds of golds in power-ups or life refills and still get stuck at a certain level. So if you want to improve your skill and play style for Gardenscapes, we sorted out some tips and tricks that could be useful to you.

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How to Get Free Lives in Gardenscapes

Running out of lives can happen often in Gardenscapes, but there are ways that you can acquire more for free. First, you can check your Inbox. Some in-game characters will send you extra lives as rewards for finishing renovation tasks, and you can find these in your inbox. Second, if your Facebook is connected to the game, you can ask friends for help. Lastly, if you are part of a team, you can ask them as well to lend you a couple of lives.

Start A New Day

If you are not dealt with good pieces during your very first match of the day, you can simply exit the game and start over. You won’t lose a life or booster when you do this. However, make sure that you haven’t made any moves yet. So scour the board for good moves first, before deciding to play or make matches within it.

Boosters & Power-ups

In most games, combining two power-ups also merges their power. However, this is not always possible in Gardenscapes. But this doesn’t mean that you should not take advantage of it whenever the opportunity presents itself. Some power-ups like Firecrackers are relatively weak when exploded alone, but combining it with another will amp up the damage.

Rainbow Blast

Whenever you use Boosters or Power-ups to help you clear off a bunch of tiles from the field, this charges the special power-up called Rainbow Blast. When the Rainbow Blast meter is fully charged, this power-up will be placed on a random tile in the field. You can then swap this with any adjacent piece and it will clear the board with similar pieces.

While Rainbow Blasts are pretty powerful, you should not just use it for the hell of it. Use it depending on the objectives that you currently have and take note of the pieces that are worth removing from your board. Rainbow Blast is not time-pressured, so you can let it sit there for a while and wait for the right piece to get next to it and blast away!


Finishing a certain number of levels will allow you to enter a mini-game. Mini-games are puzzle levels where you can win extra gold coins. It doesn’t matter if you fail at these games. You can play them over and over again until you get to master it. Gold coins can take you places, it can be used to purchase power-ups, lives, and speed up renovations in the garden. So when the opportunity arises, make sure you earn as much gold as you can through mini-games!

Daily Bonuses

Don’t forget to claim your daily bonuses. Every midnight, you will receive a Lucky Spin turn. If luck favors you, you can win tons of coins and useful bonuses that can help you clear some levels.