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Gardenscapes Update: Make Your Valentine’s More Romantic

Gardenscapes by Playrix is more than just a puzzle game. This one is a go-to game for many kids, teenagers, and adults. It is because of its laid back yet fun gameplay. To give you a quick overview, Gardenscapes is all about you inheriting your great-uncle’s mansion. Austin, the Butler, will help you through the garden’s renovation, and you can do that by solving puzzles. Specifically, you need to match three or more pieces to get stars and coins. These are used to purchase items. With that, you can start renovating your garden into a beautiful one.

Gardenscapes Color Power

It’s a fun game that you can play anytime and anywhere you are. Also, it doesn’t need a constant internet connection, which is the best part. Now, there’s a new update to welcome the Month of Hearts and make it more romantic. Read more to find out!

Gardenscapes Romantic Season

Gardenscapes has been around for many years, and it offers unlimited fun to all of its avid fans. Today, there will be an upcoming update coming right up, which is heavily connected with Valentine’s Day. Since Romantic Month starts in February, it’s only fair that Gardenscapes honor the love month. By update, I mean, a sweet and romantic update that would keep your hearts fluttering.

To start, you get to feast on all the season rewards with the Golden Ticket. Next is the Happy Lovers Garden. Here, you can create the perfect atmosphere full of romance for the ideal date at the beginning of February. You can also participate in the Flaming Hearts Event, where you get to achieve goals in exchange for unique rewards!

Gardenscapes Valentines

Don’t forget, the mystery of Calvadori’s disappearance is still on-going. The garden’s adventures continue, so participate in the barbecue contest. Also, keep on digging for more clues on Clavadori’s disappearance.

More Information About the Flaming Hearts Event

Love is in the air in the Flaming Hearts Event, which is a big explosion of emotion! You will need to collect Firecrackers in different levels to obtain boosters and great rewards in this event. Remember, the Firecrackers are only counted once you beat the regular and the Golden Cup event levels.

The event has several stages, with each having different rewards. Moreover, the main prize is a unique decoration for your garden. To acquire it, you must complete all of the stages in the event. In addition, keep in mind that the event is only active during the Romantic Evening event. Also, it is only open to all players who already unlocked the Fountain Area.

Decorate Your Garden for a Romantic Evening

Help Austin assemble a new decoration collection for a romantic evening because love is in the air this Valentine’s Day! With that, you will need heart cookies, which is the special currency you’re going to use in this event. You can earn heart cookies by beating the regular and Golden Cup event levels.

For every regular level you beat, you get 65 heart cookies. Meanwhile, for hard levels, you get 75 heart cookies. Lastly, you get 95 heart cookies for the most challenging levels. Once you get all of the decorations, you get a prize, the magical singing fountain!

This event is open only for those who have unlocked the fountain area. You also get to keep all of the decorations you won during the event. Finally, the game will exchange all remaining heart cookies into boosters once the event is done.

More Things to Look Forward to in Gardenscapes Romantic Season

In Romantic Season, you get to help Austin create a romantic atmosphere for the whole town. Also, you will need to beat levels to win and earn rewards and season points. The points you will earn depends on the difficulty of the levels and the attempts you make to beat the level. Moreover, you need to earn a specific number of points to get the rewards and unlock the next stage. It consists of 30 stages, and you get two types of rewards: special rewards and free rewards.

Gardenscapes Romantic Season 2

To start, you must activate the Golden Ticket to win valuable prizes and acquire new decorations. You will also get to see Austin play his saxophone! Moreover, the Golden Ticket is great when it comes to giving you amazing bonuses that will last until the end of the season. Some of these bonuses are the following:

Upgraded Chargeable Power-ups

  • Max amount of lives increased from five to eight
  • A golden profile picture frame
  • A Prize Chest, where you get a chance to obtain coins, stars, power-ups, and unlimited lives for season points.

All players have the chance to use the Golden Ticket in the first four stages. After that, you can only purchase so you can make use of the bonuses. Play Gardenscapes now and feel the Valentine’s Day celebration with love! Check out newer events, newer items and home renovations with the latest 4.2.2 Gardenscapes Update, too.