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Gardenscapes vs Homescapes, which is better?

Both Gardenscapes and Homescapes are released by the same game developer, Playrix. We will feel that Homescapes is an upgraded version of Gardenscapes. Although these 2 games are quite similar in the game genre, you will find that they are actually very different if you were to look closer.



Homescapes is a game where you help Austin the butler renovate his childhood home so that his parents no longer sell it. Each level gives you stars and you use those stars to complete tasks. Some tasks like adding a rug to a room only take one star, but other tasks like renovating statues can take three stars. After a certain amount of levels are completed, you can unlock different parts of the mansion. You get gifts like cats and money from the different people you meet while completing your tasks. It’s completely interactive with you being the one to decide what type of furniture or colors go into the different sections of the room.



Gardenscapes has a similar set up in that each level earns you stars which you use for tasks. We happen to like this game slightly more because there are more chances for rewards. You can grow plants and spin a game wheel, all to receive a variety of power-ups and a few hours of endless lives. Find out more about Gardenscapes here!


While both of these games are super entertaining, we will warn you that they are extremely addictive and make you feel like you’re being productive when you’re actually procrastinating. Gardenscapes is more tilted towards a hidden object game while Homescapes is a story-based puzzle game. The way the power-ups and boosters work are also very different in the two games. Find out more about how the power-ups in Gardenscapes work here!


Although both games have their loyal supporters, it’s clear that the puzzle game genre is gaining limelight again even since Candy Crush. Join in the craze now! Play both Gardenscapes and Homescapes on PC and let us know which one you prefer!

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