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How do you use the Shovels in Gardenscapes?

Unleash your creative juices and design your own garden! Gardenscapes New Arces presents a modern match-3 puzzle game with a hidden twist. Fancy creating your very own virtual garden? Here’s your chance! Complete match-3 levels in Gardenscapes and earn stars to unlock the story in the Gardenscapes. Do not worry as you will not be alone in this journey. Assisted by the loyal butler, Austin, you will be reminded of your daily tasks with the in-game tablet. Utilize boosters such as shovels, rakes and gardening gloves. Sounds fun? Let’s get started now by downloading Gardenscapes online on PC!


Gardenscapes Shovels

Shovels are one of the first boosters that you will be able to access in Gardenscapes. They have the ability to uproot any tile on the game board. This can make a great a difference between clearing the level or wasting one live. Collect items such as butterflies, swan statues, lemonades and even fireflies. If you are just missing one of these items to clear the stage but do not have sufficient moves to reach the piece, your best option will be the shovel!


To use the shovel, simply click on the shovel located at the top or left side of the screen, and select the tile that you want to use the shovel on. The puzzle piece lying on the tile you have selected will then be removed. Simple as that! Shovels can also be used to trigger the power-ups that are trapped by obstacles. Check out the official video on Gardenscapes’ official channel on what wonders shovels can do!



Get shovels from the Daily Lucky Spin! Login daily and spin the wheel! You can also get Shovels as rewards when you finish a Gardenscapes game day! Get more game tips and tricks and start playing Gardenscapes today!

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