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How to beat Level 93 on Gardenscapes?

Gardenscapes is an easy-to-play match-3 puzzle game with an additional twist. Join the friendly butler, Austin, as you embark on a new adventure in designing your virtual garden! Unlock the story in Gardenscapes and see the interactions between Austin and the neighbors. With so many levels in Gardenscapes, we understand that it gets challenging at times. Thus, we have decided to bring you the guide to solving the hardest levels in the game for all our readers. In this post, let us take a deeper look at Gardenscapes Level 93.


Gardenscapes Level 93 Guide:

In the level, the objective is to collect 3 lemonades. However, you will only see one lemonade on the initial game board. Hence, you can only collect one lemonade at a time. To increase the level of difficulty, you are presented with 4 boxes on the top of each side of the game board. There is also a rotational lake near the bottom of the game board, and chained fruits on the isolated platform surrounded by the lake.


Gardenscapes Level 93


Start by unlocking the boxes that are closest to your first lemonade. Once the obstructing boxes are gone, continue making matches in the area to unlock the chained fruit that was contained between the two sets of crates. Keep a lookout for opportunities to move your lemonade pieces closer to the bottom of the game board.


Pay attention to possible combinations for extra boosts as these can be particularly helpful in expediting the process. Bombs and rockets are particularly a favorite. Also be aware of your lemonades during gameplay. You’ll want to make sure your lemonades are all cleared so take opportunities when you see them to clear them from the board. If necessary, you may use extra boosts if you have them. There are also opportunities for you to gain extra moves, rather than just the initial 20 moves given in level 93. Clear puzzle pieces adjacent to the logs with numbers labeled and gain extra moves!


Download Gardenscapes on PC and have fun in solving those puzzles!

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