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How to clear the Acorns in Gardenscapes Level 75?

There are many different types of objectives that can appear in each Gardenscapes level. Acorns appeared in level 75 of Gardenscapes. And it proves to be quite a challenge for both the experienced and novice players alike. While there are various methods of solving this level, players should access their game board carefully before adopting a strategy. Like all puzzle games, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. So let us take a deeper look at Gardenscapes Level 75.


Gardenscapes Level 75 Guide: 

The rules are simple. Remove all the 32 acorns that you see on the game board in level 75. But here’s the catch, the game area is separated into 2 halves, with the bottom half leading to the top. With no moves at all that can be made on the top half, you may be at a lost on what to do next. Take a deep breath and look closely. Level 75 is not really that difficult, and you should focus on breaking acorns as fast as you can to create more space to break more acorns.


Gardenscapes Level 75


One of the methods of clearing the acorn is to charge a Rainbow Blast by use of explosive power-ups as soon as you can. Once the Rainbow power-up is charged, swap it with the common fruit piece in the top half of the game board (grape in this case). You will then be able to bring some pieces from the bottom half to the top as you have made room of them. Another method will be to form bombs or dynamites on the first row of the bottle panel and trigger it. The radius of these explosives will be able to reach the acorns on the last row of the top panel.


All in all, the key to solving this level will be to clear some pieces on the top half to make room for the regular pieces to enter the top panel. Up for the challenge? Play Gardenscapes on PC today!

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