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How to get rid of Gardenscapes Mushrooms?

In the game Gardenscapes, the newest element has proven to be quite difficult to work around for many players. In addition to the colorful fruits and plants that make up the board, bright red mushrooms now appear at random on certain levels which block the player’s access to parts of the field. This increases the difficulty for players to complete the level in 1 life. Let us take a deeper look at how these Gardenscapes Mushrooms work. You can also find other tips and tricks here.


Gardenscapes Mushrooms

In order to rid the playing field of the pesky Gardenscapes mushrooms, the player must make matches near the mushrooms in order to break them. It is easy to see when they have been broken as the red and white mushroom caps fold in on themselves, leaving the appearance of a sliced, white mushroom in its place.


Another way of ridding the playing field of mushrooms is to simply blow them up, a good tool to take advantage of when the game board is overrun with mushrooms. However, as bombs come into play at random, it can be difficult to rely on this tool alone. The player can also use the Rainbow Blast tool. When triggered, it eliminates not only multiple mushrooms at a time, but helps clear the board of pieces near the mushrooms resulting in a higher point value.


Finally, players can also use a shovel to get rid of the mushrooms on the game board. The shovel icon at the top of the playing field indicates how many shovels the player has at their disposal. After clicking on the shovel icon, the player can choose which mushroom to eliminate. This is particularly helpful when all but one of the mushrooms has been broken and there is no other way to get rid of a single mushroom on the board.


When all of the mushrooms have been “broken” the playing field will clear completely, leaving behind only fruits and plants. Players cannot advance to the next level until all of the mushrooms have been broken and cleared.


Check out the official tutorial on how to get rid of mushrooms on Gardenscapes’ official channel!


Try solving these levels with mushrooms by yourself! Download Gardenscapes now!

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