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How to remove Honeycombs in Gardenscapes?

Honeycombs appear in certain levels in Gardenscapes and they can be annoying. Honeycombs produce honey that spread onto its adjacent tile, covering the puzzle piece under it. When left untouched, the honey spreads on every move. And if there is no honey on the game board, honeycombs produce it every second move. Let us look at the tips and tricks to removing these annoying honey.


Removing Honeycombs

As there is no way of uplifting those honeycombs, the next best option you have is to remove the honey and prevent it from spreading all over the board. Removing honey that blocks your way can be frustrating. To remove honey, make matches next to it. Power-ups help but remember that Rainbow Blast and shovel power-ups do not affect the honeycombs. Try to make removing the honey your primary goal and do it as quickly as possible. Keep the honey away from the top of the play board because if the top gets blocked, you will be stuck and will not be able to finish the game. Hence, it is advisable to work from the top down.


As you progress in the game, it becomes more challenging and harder to advance. Just hold onto power-ups and use them wisely. Look at the board and plan your next move before you move at all. Try to get the matches to obtain power-ups to help you in removing the honey more efficiently. Strategizing is very important. Each move is precious so always think about your next move when making matches while paying close attention to the area around the honey. If you allow the honey to flow, it can get out of control fast, causing you to lose the game. So focus on the area around the honeycomb. Always have fun! Step away from the game if you become frustrated. Practice makes perfect … well at least easier 🙂 So think like Winnie the Pooh! He wants all the honey. With any game, the challenge makes it fun but can also make us go crazy trying to advance to the next level. Keep trying you will get it. Happy Gaming! Download Gardenscapes and start playing today!

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