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Where to find Gardenscapes Username?

Ever wondered where to find your Gardenscapes username? When you first started playing the Gardenscapes name, you are greeted by the friendly butler, Austin. He asks for your name when you first entered the mansion as a stranger. He could not recognize you as the new owner of the mansion and the huge garden. After entering your name, the game automatically inserts this name to all conversations in the game.


After playing the game for a few minutes, you regretted the name you have initially set. That’s when you want to change it. Changing your game name in Gardenscapes is simple. And the best thing is it does not cost you anything to change your game name! Find out how here!


Changing Your Gardenscapes Name

At the top left corner, you will see something that looks like a gear. That is your profile settings. Tap on the Profile Settings button and you will find several tabs on the screen. Go to the Setting Tab and click on the “Change Name” button. You will then see 2 options, namely “Change your Name” and “Change Pet Name”. Click on the “Change your Name” button and you will be able to see your current game name. If you want to change this name, simply delete the existing name and type in your desired game character name. Lastly, click “Ok” to save your choice.


Gardenscapes Name Change


Finding your Gardenscapes Username

If you scroll down you will see a small rectangle that says “add friends”, if you tap on it and you will see a new window that says “Add by Name” and “Add from Facebook”. Scroll down further and you will see on the bottom at the center of the screen something that says “your username is:”. Your username is usually a combination between your game name and some numbers.


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